Geoff Hudson-Searle 2014Geoff Hudson-Searle is a very passionate and innovating international director whose leadership is characterized by sharing information, round-table discussions, and strategic growth and deployment. Embracing cultural diversity in business, Geoff is a thought-leader. Now, he has added being an author to his impressive resume. His second book: “Meaningful Conversations” will come out soon.

As an international director, non-executive director and strategist, Geoff lectures regularly on the principles of integrated strategy and finance at forums. He has over 22 years of experience in business and management arena. He is well liked and respected in the industry and has strong affiliate, partners and client relationships.

HSI logo -with-RedGeoff held responsible positions at Citibank N.A, MICE Group PLC, Enigma Design, MMT Inc, Kaspersky Laboratory, Bartercard PLC, RG Group and HSI around the world. His international clients include the British Government, HP, Compaq, BT, Powergen, Intel, ARM, Watsila Group, Atari, Barclays Bank, Societe Generale, Western Union, Chase and Volvo.

His book “Freedom after the sharks” is available at Waterstones. To hear more about Geoff’s work or activities, please contact www.hsbusinessmanagement.com

Geoff being interviewed about his career, achievements, current company and (new) books by ROCeteer – Deep Thinking: