The changing world

the changing worldI have had some very interesting discussions recently with economists, futurists, and experts discussing ‘The Changing World’. We are living in a changing world and where once a company may have survived with its original model, now there are no guarantees that the future is going to systematically be the same.

However, with all this said there is tremendous optimism across such areas like social enterprise, it is estimated that there are 68.000 companies in the UK alone contributing about £24 billion to the economy.


This word is widely used in business today, I prefer to use the terms ‘creativity or collaboration’ in business since it all involves human intervention. This embraces new ideas, processes, products, and business models specifically geared towards solving gaps in the market


In any organisation and in a changing world it is never easy to execute new ideas, products, or transformation. It is about being strategically sustainable to innovate in the next 50 years or even 100 years down the road. Company’s need to engage their stakeholders in decisions that will affect the company’s performance for years to come. One of the answers is for government and company’s to work more integrated to meet a technical solution or the creative new service that is going to revolutionise the next generation.


In summary, ‘The changing world’ is being driven by shifts and advances in technology, demography, globalisation, and social values among others. Depending on how much time we have available, we vary how deep a look we can take at these and other drivers of change.

The changing workforce picks up the theme of demographic shifts and values, and looks at how a new generation of employees is arriving in the world of work with a different set of expectations and values at just the same time that the oldest working generation is deciding to extend their stay in the workplace.

A new workforce in a new world are changing how we work, and will continue to put pressure on traditional notions of the workplace. Important themes in the future will continue to be flexibility in workplace conditions, remote and virtual teams, and all forms of contract working, diversity, complexity, speed and creativity.

Three new leadership imperatives for The Changing World:

  1. Engagement – the ways in which we engage with each other have changed, driven mainly by technology, but also by all the forces outlined above. Leaders need to learn new approaches to engagement, and shift from a control mindset to influence
  2. Agility – Keep growing, keep learning, don’t become rigid. Leaders need to be ready to fail – and learn from it
  3. Transparency – we have never had as much openness as we have now, both inside and outside our organisations. This changes the way a leader leads, requiring more openness, more disclosure and greater accountability.

What are your recommendations?

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