How tech-savvy should you be as an entrepreneur?

how tech-savy must you be?Starting a business from the ground up is an exciting and daunting challenge for both first-time and experienced entrepreneurs.

Running a company is a complex undertaking with many requirements, one of which is building a technology infrastructure that supports both connectivity and flexibility.

Money can be tight in the early stages of business development, so entrepreneurs sometimes have to be creative, especially when it comes to investing in pricey technology.  What many business owners don’t know is that it is possible to build an integrated office, accessible from anywhere, without building a complicated and expensive network.  Using the latest wireless technology, it is easier now more than ever to maximize productivity and speedy access to data with a minimal investment of capital.

Some entrepreneurs are naturally tech-savvy. For the rest of us, technology seems like just one more daunting task to master. Even choosing the right cell phone or PDA, such as a BlackBerry, has become a complex and time-consuming effort. But when you’re running a business, you need to keep up a certain level of professionalism from the start-up, especially when it comes to tech basics like e-mail, websites, and communications. Fortunately, there are countless programs you can tap into for help on tasks ranging from e-mail blasts to telephone conference calling to website add-ons, even with limited technical know-how.

I will share 10 tips for building a connected business:

1. Don’t miss important calls

2. Don’t limit yourself to desktop Internet access

3. Never get lost when handling business

4. Leave e-mail management to the experts

5.  Don’t attempt to be a network administration professional

6. Connect directly with your wireless phone

7. Have a backup plan for your communications system

8. Stay connected to industry news from just about anywhere

9. Save money by making unlimited calls to your office landline number

10. Secure your mobile phone

fast track Of course, these are just a few tips that you can adopt. Communication and technology are fundamental in today’s business world. Fortunately, advances in wireless technology can really help small business owners stay connected and coördinate with clients and employees while simultaneously growing the business to help you communicate via e-mail, the web and the phone with professionalism; even if your company is just one or two employees strong.

Talk to fellow business owners, search the internet, and ask for recommendations when other business requirements arise along the way; chances are there’s a company that will cater to your needs. And remember, perception is everything. Retailers and customers will take you more seriously if you already look like an established, profitable business they can rely on!

Your thoughts?

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